Driven To Create A Better Future

Dedicated To A Value-Focused Operation For Our Business Partners, Investors & Community

Founded in 2017, Infinity Natural Resources is a private, independent exploration, production and development company focused on developing unconventional reserves in Appalachia. Our team has extensive experience operating in Appalachia with over 60 years of combined experience. With deep roots in the Appalachian region, Infinity Natural Resources was formed as a privately held E&P company guided by the highest operational standards, safety-first culture, and core values. Combining our leadership team’s extensive operational experience and the resources of our financial partners, we created a unique, value-focused operating model. Unlike traditional E&P companies, we believe in the longevity of our partnerships, and have created a system that creates long-term values and opportunities in our strategically-targeted locations.

The goal of Infinity Natural Resources is to create long-term value for its stakeholders. We aim to be a leading developer of the emerging dry gas Utica Shale, and to unlock value in the region through the utilization of enhanced drilling techniques that can yield significant value to our stakeholders. We aim to do this by combining land parcels that had been historically held by shallow operators or landowners to create a consolidated development field and by acquiring high-quality producing assets that can augment our development story.

At Infinity, we believe that our people are the difference and hold the safety of our people and the protection of our environment to the highest standard. Because not only do we operate in this area, but we are your neighbors and are proud to call this area home.

At Infinity, our operations are driven by two key components:

Our Sponsors

As a privately held E&P company, we believe that forging long term strategic partnerships are a key to our success. Infinity Natural Resources has financially partnered with Pearl Energy Investments and Natural Gas Partners. Partnering with these two successful investment groups that have significant experience in Appalachia provides Infinity Natural Resources with a competitive advantage in our basin.

The Infinity Difference

Our Culture

Anywhere we work, safety is our first priority. Our team works hard, but for every employee at Infinity Natural Resources, family comes first. We believe that teamwork matters, and that the sharing of ideas isn’t just wished for; it’s required. We believe in taking responsibility, facing challenges directly, and learning from them as we move forward. Our word matters, and our handshake is just as binding as a signed agreement. We believe in openness and that creativity and flexibility are essential. We don’t do things just because that’s the way it’s been done in the past. We believe in treating vendors, employees, partners and competitors with respect.

Relationship Oriented

We believe in seeking value in our local partnerships, and look to partner with companies that share the same commitment to protecting our environment, and the safety of our team members, business partners and communities.

Personal Values

Infinity was founded on the personal values of our leadership team, placing the highest priority on safety, integrity, environmental stewardship, community and family-values.

Environmental Stewardship

Infinity Natural Resources is dedicated to responsible energy development and the safety and protection of the environment from which we operate. This dedication ensures we operate in a manner that not only meets, but exceeds environmental regulations at all levels. In addition, our team implements additional safety and environmental programs for our operations, including:

  • Active Water Recycling Program
  • Ongoing Environmental Volunteer Engagement
  • Continual Environmental Education & Best Practices

We are always seeking continuous improvement to meet and exceed all state and federal emissions regulations.